Job-Readiness/Job Search Skills

The Job-Readiness and Job Search Skills  books provide instruction on how to conduct a proper job search, how to interview effectively and how to write your own resume, as well as, how to successfully complete job applications.

Job Retention Skills

The Job Retention Skills books teach individuals how to keep their job once they have become employed. Success at work means making your job work for you. It teaches participants how to choose the work they love, thus keeping their job longer.

Life Transition Skills

The Life Transition Skills books teach individuals how to go through various transitions in their lives. It assist them in learning how to handle such things as stress, financial difficulties, life decisions and family situations.

Personal Skills

The Personal Skills books are provided to assist individuals in developing personal strength, teaching them to look at their past and heal the hurts to create a new life, as well as learning how to take care of themselves and their families.

Basic Skills

The Basic Skills books assist individuals by providing books on basic grammar, simple math, and easy writing techniques, in addition to a simple guide on how to use a computer. The Common Knowledge Book offers many tips and facts.

Life Skills

he Life Skills books provide abilities for adaptive and positive behavior, thus enabling individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life and afford them the opportunity to make better choices and decisions.