The Salary Negotiations Workbook helps individuals decide how to or how not to accept a position that is being offered. Many suggestions and tips are offered to help them through this negotiation process.


The Salary Negotiations Workbook is a tool for individuals to use once they have aced their interview. Now, it is time to think about the salary they are willing to accept. How is this done? The answer to this question is the content of this workbook. Subjects covered are: 1. how much money does it take to meet all of their family’s needs, 2. has a budget been done to justify the salary they are going to be accepting. 3. has the individual researched other similar companies for salary comparison, and 4. a list of salary negotiation tips.

The Salary Negotiations Workbook helps individuals recognize what is really important to them when it comes to deciding on a job from salary to location to job duties. It helps them to see the possibilities of a position that is being offered by knowing the job, the company and the people.