The Financial Handbook Facilitator Guide is a tool that can help a facilitator or monitor teach the aspects of financial management to individuals. Allowing Tips and suggestions to the facilitator helps the individual prepare their own budget and use it as a tool to assist the family in times of financial crisis or just daily living experiences. Everyone can benefit from a little assistance from someone who can offer suggestions and tips with regard to money.

Agency Use Only


The Financial Handbook Facilitator Guide is a tool developed to assist a facilitator or monitor in teaching the job seeker all the aspects of financial management. The Guide offers tips and suggestions on how to get the job seeker to focus on certain items in their daily living experience. The facilitator can provide answers on a more personal basis with each individual job seeker.

The job seeker will be able to prepare their own budget to work with and to share with the family. This Guide works hand-in-hand with the Financial Handbook. It helps the individual job seeker to possess their own copy of the Financial Handbook so that they can follow along with the facilitator as they conquer the successful answers to the topic of budgeting.

Agency Use Only